We are running Specials on some of the pianos below. Click on each pic to enlarge, and click again to go out….And if you’d like to see more pics of a piano that’s tugging at your heart, simply request them at info@pianomagic.co.za

monington-weston-piano-magic-buy-2nd-hand-sale-gauteng-1-sandton  Monington & Weston baby grand piano in a beautiful wood finish. Pre-owned. Dimensions: L-140cm, W-144cm, H-99cm. Excellent touch and tone, original ivory. Selling price: R65 000. Special = 12% discount, now only R57 200, save R7 800. Included in price: Extra wide Piano Duet Stool

rippen-piano-magic-buy-2nd-hand-affordable-new-gauteng-1-sandton  Rippen, 106cm, in a beautiful dark brown satin finish. Made in Holland. Has excellent touch and tone! Retail price: R23 500. Special = 10% discount, now only R21 150, save R2 350

franz-wirth-grand-piano-magic-gloss-black-ebony-for-sale-buy-used-sandton-2-gauteng  Franz Wirth baby grand piano in gloss black. Dimensions: L-155cm, W-146cm, H-101cm. Superb Austrian brand with a smooth sound and touch; original ivory. Valued at R110 000. Selling price: R98 900. Special = 10% discount, now only R89 010, save R9 890

b-squire-piano-magic-restored-buy-for-sale-secondhand-sandton-1-zambia  B Squire, 113cm, in a beautiful cabinet, finished in a medium-dark brown satin finish. As good as new. Beautiful tone and touch! B Squire pianos are made by Kemble (International Master Piano builder). Retail price: R26 110. Special = 10% discount, now only R23 499, save R2 611

ludwig-meister-piano-magic-blue-german-secondhand-buy-pretoria-gauteng-new-for-sale-2-johannesburg  Ludwig Meister – Blue, 114cm. For the daring only! This beautiful ‘Blueberry’ Ludwig can be yours today! Plays amazingly with full 88 keys keyboard. An excellent brand in a funky finish! Come see, touch, and play it! Selling for = R37 110. Special = 10% discount, now only R33 399, save R3 711. Bonus: Piano Duet stool


otto-bach-leipzig-germany-piano-magic-big-best-second-new-johannesburg-1-gauteng  Otto Bach, 130cm. Made in Leipzig, Germany. Beautiful dark mahogany satin finish. The big tall cabinet gives the instrument an excellent tone, while adding a touch of elegance to a room! A must see and play! Valued at R45 000. Retail Price: R40 800. Special = 10% discount, now only R36 720 save R4 080

yamaha-c7-concert-grand-piano-magic-7-foot-polished-ebony-for-sale-buy-sandton-1-johannesburg  Yamaha C7 semi-Concert Grand piano! Big and Bold! Grace your life with this all gorgeous Polished Ebony Yamaha Semi Concert Grand piano. Dimensions: L-223cm, W-155cm, H-102cm, 397kg. Plays like a dream, like only Yamaha can! Simply, a must have! Pre-owned. Selling price: R340 000. Special = 15% discount, now only R289 000, save R51 000; a REAL Bargain not to be missed!

hoffmann-piano-magic-black-german-secondhand-buy-pretoria-gauteng-for-sale-1-sandton  Hoffmann, 123cm. Renowned German piano. Beautiful cabinet in satin ebony! Great touch and sound! Retail price = R32 999, Special = 15% discount, now only R28 049.15, save R4 950

kawai-nd21-new-piano-magic-gloss-black-buy-for-sale-transport-move-jhb-3  Kawai ND21, 122cm. NEW! Beautiful Polished Ebony finish, with silver hardware. Delivers a big sound like only a Kawai big body piano can. NB – has practice pedal. Plus, Kawai pianos are rated as some of the best pianos in the world winning competitions world wide. Price: R84 799. Special = 5% discount, now only R80 559.05, save R4 239,95.  Popular modelPre-order yours today and secure a good price!

Kawai K-200  Kawai K-2MPH, 114cm. NEW! Beautiful Polished Mahogany finish. The superb design of the K-2MPH gives it a very complex and expressive tone, with an excellent bass register. Plus, Kawai pianos are rated as some of the best pianos in the world winning competitions world wide. Excellent feature on K-2MPH: Soft Fall System for lid.  Retail price R94999. Special = 5% discount, now only R90 249.05, save R4 749.95. (While stock lasts)

fritz-kuhla-german-piano-magic-red-buy-new-secondhand-pretoria-5-middelburg  Fritz Kuhla. 112cm, a German favourite in polished red. Beautiful! For the daring…! Excellent all round. Valued at R38000. Retail price = R33150. Special = 15% discount, now only R28 177.50, save R4 973

otto-bach-grand-piano-magic-gloss-black-buy-new-secondhand-sandton-1-hurlyvale  Otto Bach baby grand piano in gloss black. Dimensions: L-155cm, W-146cm, H-101cm. Smooth sound and touch! This Otto Bach is an up-market edition with a Kawai (one of the best piano actions in the world).  Valued at R110 000. Selling price: R92 800. Special = 10% discount, now only R83 200, save R9280; a real investment. SOLD

k-kawai-gl10-baby-grand-piano-magic-japan-new-black-top-brand-johannesburg-1-gauteng K.Kawai GL10. NEW! Made in Japan. Beautiful Polished Ebony finish. A perfect size baby grand! Dimensions: L-153cm, W-150cm, H-102cm, 282kg. This baby grand features a Millennium III keyboard action, the longer keys for even response, and ‘soft fall’ fallboard! Plus, Kawai pianos are rated some of the best pianos in the world, winning competitions world wide. Price = R216 000, Special = 10% discount, now only R194 400, save R21 600

k-kawai-gl40-grand-black-piano-magic-japan-sale-purchase-buy-sandton-1-gauteng  K.Kawai GL40! NEW! Beautiful Polished Ebony finish. Dimensions: L-180cm, W-152cm, H-102cm, 324kg. Special Feature: Concert-length key buttons for maximum energy transfer and optimum power. This is the choice of many award winning concert pianists around the world. Plus, Kawai pianos are rated some of the best pianos in the world, winning competitions world wide. Price = R350 999, Special = 13% discount, now only R305 369, save R45 630. (Only one left).

kaim-grand-piano-magic-restored-german-antique-white-gold-most-beautiful-8-nigeria  OWNER’S FAVOURITE: Kaim, in a Beautiful Polished Ivory White finish. A grand piano fit for a king and queen!  Germany, early 1920’s. Dimensions: L-168cm (5’5”), W-146cm (4’9”), H-102cm (3’3”), ±320kg (±705lbs).  The legs are made out of porcelain with a steel reinforced centre; all for that extra beauty, class, and strength. A real once in a lifetime piece, and head turner, while maintaining the technical qualities of a German grand piano to be enjoyed by beginner through to professional. Once it has sold, you are unlikely to come across such a unique grand piano again. Be its proud owner today! Retail Price = R680 000.  Special = 18.3% off. Now only R555 000, save R125 000.  (Only one available).

kawai-k15e-piano-magic-sale-buy-johannesburg-pretoria-gauteng Kawai K15E! .  110cm. A beautiful brand new piano in a polished ebony finish. NB – has practice pedal. Currently one of the best piano brands in the world; a popular choice by many concert pianists. Retail price R76 999. Special = 5% discount, now only R73 149.05, save R3 849.95

kawai-k2-new-polished-ebony-black-piano-magic-johannesburg-1  Kawai K-2E, 114cm. NEW! Beautiful Polished Ebony finish. The superb design of the K-2 gives it a very complex and expressive tone, with an excellent bass register. Plus, Kawai pianos are rated as some of the best pianos in the world winning competitions world wide. Cool feature on K-2: Soft Fall System for lid. Price: R93 500. Special = 10% discount, now only R84 150, save R9 350. (Only one left).  

kawai-k300-piano-magic-sales-new-polished-black-buy-johannesburg-sandton-3  Kawai K-300! 122cm (Popular Height). NEW! Beautiful Polished Ebony finish. The K-300 builds upon the success of its award-winning predecessor, the K-3, that was named Acoustic Piano of the Year in four consecutive years. Plus, Kawai pianos are rated as some of the best pianos in the world winning competitions world wide. Some amazing features: Soft Fall System for lid, Millenium III Action, Double Felted Mahogany Core Hammers, etc. Price: R129 699. Special = 13% discount, now only R112 838, save R16 861. (While stock lasts).


* Our showroom is in Shop 20, Zambesi Retail Park – Cnr R573 & Sefako Makgatho rds, Pta; from N1 headed East, turn left into Zambesi Retail Park immediately after Sasol garage .

* Included in price for all the above pianos: Piano Stool (except on some 2nd hands), Transportation in Gauteng, Tuning, and 5-year warranty for restored and new uprights, 10-years for grands restored and new grands (Terms & Conditions apply)