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My Otto Bach piano is approximately 45 – 50 years old and traveled extensively. I decided to get it tuned so I can play again. I got hold of Piano Magic and they assisted me promptly with my request. However, due to its age and travel experience, it required a bit more than just a tune. The tuning pins had to be replaced, hammers re-faced, the exterior refurbished, etc.

When the piano was delivered at my house, I could not believe my eyes. My piano looked brand new and sounded brand new. It was beautifully restored and is once again a show piece.

I would like to express my gratitude towards the people at Piano Magic. I am very happy to have a show piece piano once again, not costing me a fortune.


Marius Vercueil, Pretoria

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The Yamaha grand piano at our church needed tuning. We hired a well-established tuner in Pretoria, who boasted of having tuned pianos at the State Theatre, the University of Pretoria, etc. My expectations were therefore high. However, to my disappointment, the high notes were still completely out of tune. I had to contact the piano tuner to come and finish the job, to his disbelief! After his second tuning, it was right.

The next year I contacted Piano Magic to do our tuning. A much younger and very friendly man turned up. He got the grand piano tuned in one go – the high notes sounding beautiful.

Piano Magic has definitely been my first option for tuning. Their prompt, honest and friendly service just adds to their value.

Miriam van Wyk, Pretoria

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Hi Charmaine.   Thanks for organizing the piano transport and tuning today. I have no idea how to spell the guy’s name who came to do everything but he was fantastic. What a super guy and he did such a thorough and impressive job. He was here for hours. Thank you….

Thanks for your wonderful service and thanks for sending such a great gentleman to us to help. It is such a pleasure to be pleased with a job these days. Mostly, it seems like people do half-hearted jobs.

Our experience with Piano Magic has been wonderful.


Mel Botha, Broadacres, Gauteng

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I would like to thank Piano Magic for restoring and tuning my piano. It’s a very old piano, about 100 years old. My parents bought it second hand during the late 60’s which was also the last time it was tuned. We had contacted another piano tuner in Pretoria, and they referred us to Piano Magic. After the restoration, the piano plays wonderfully.

I am grateful for the work done.

Onica Fuphe, Daveyton, Gauteng