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Mostly, pianos go out of tune due to the changing seasons, as a result of expansion and contraction within the piano. This change causes the pitch of the instrument to rise or fall, thus taking the piano out of tune. That is why a piano should be tuned on a six monthly basis.

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We have new and used beauties. Each of our piano purchases includes a complimentary tuning and transportation (subject to distance). Due to our confidence in our instruments, we give a 2-year warranty with every sale.

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We repair a lot of pianos that have been damaged due to ‘unprofessional’ transportation. For your peace of mind and for the longevity of your piano, always use professionals to do a professional’s job.

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The action (inner mechanism) of the piano is made up of thousands of wood, felt, plastic, and metal parts.When not in use, mice and/or fish moths tend to get into the piano and start eating and/or corroding these elements. And so contrary to popular belief, a piano which is not in use often requires more maintenance than a piano in daily use.

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We have established a reputation of restoring to perfection pianos whose owners were told to throw them in the junkyard (‘irreparable’). This is where we’ve gained long lasting respect from our clientele. If the piano has sentimental value to you, then we make it our priority to restore it to its former glory or even better.

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 This allows you time to see if your child is serious about the instrument. However, with that said, it takes about a year before you can know if they’re serious or not. So, you might want to weigh up the cost of hiring for a year against buying a piano.

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 Evaluations We also assist you when you’ve found a piano you’d like to buy from a private seller. We scrutinize every aspect of the piano for your protection and that of our reputation. We, however, offer no guarantees in regard to these pianos. Also, remember that you’ll still need professional transportation and tuning after purchasing it. 

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 At Exotic Pianos, we do our best to give you a complete piano experience, and as a result we assist you in finding a piano teacher for you or your child.